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WebCam Live 3.0

WebCam Live lets you have your live images up on the web in a snap
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Using the WebCam Live wizard, you will have your live images up on the web in a matter of minutes. WebCam Live captures JPEG images from any Video for Windows or DirectShow device including Video Cameras and USB cameras and posts them either to its built-in web server or to any FTP server.
The built-in web server is the quickest and easiest way to begin posting live images on the web and is ideal for DSL or cable internet “always on” connections. WebCam Live also works very well with dial-up connections and can upload images to an FTP site.

Quickly notify anyone on the web of your WebCam Live site with the built-in e-mail notification feature. Password protect your WebCam site for added security. Image options include variable image refresh (example: specify image refresh every 1 second or every 5 seconds, etc.), JPEG quality setting, and play sound on capture. Display options include the ability to add color text to your WebCam site (unlimited colors and fonts), and date/time stamping of your images.

WebCam Live has true remote image capture - people viewing your WebCam Live site can remotely update the image by clicking directly on the WebCam image and get the latest live image.

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